Exactly How Strong is 500mg CBD Cream? (And When to Use It)

Exactly How Strong is 500mg CBD Cream? (And When to Use It)

Main image courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

As someone interested in CBD, you’ve probably seen products that have different strengths listed on the label. This can be somewhat confusing for someone looking to start a CBD routine--what do those numbers mean exactly, and which strength is right for you? Knowing which strength of CBD to use is important, especially if you’re thinking of using a CBD cream for muscle and joint aches-- because you definitely want to use one that’s strong enough to help decrease inflammation and pain! In this article, we’re going to talk about how strong 500mg of CBD cream is, and if it’s the right strength to use for your needs.

But first it’s important to discuss:

  • Understanding CBD cream strengths
  • How to choose the right CBD cream strength
  • When to use a 500mg CBD cream

Understanding CBD Cream Strengths

What do CBD cream strengths mean anyway?

hands rubbing in cbd cream onto the back of their hand
It’s important to understand the difference in CBD cream strengths. Image courtesy of Medical News Today.

CBD oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which is why it is often added to creams, lotions, moisturizers, and balms. This creates a topical that you can easily apply to painful muscles and joints. Topicals such as creams are great products to use to find relief from pain because the CBD (and other helpful ingredients) can go to work right at the site of your pain. The CBD interacts with the receptors of your body’s endocannabinoid system right at the muscle or joint--working to decrease inflammation and reduce pain.  

CBD topicals are categorized based on the amount of CBD in each container, which is why you’ll see some creams that have 500mg of CBD and others that have 1500mg. This means that there are 500mg or 1500mg (or another amount) of CBD per each container. So it makes sense that if you’re dealing with intense pain or have muscle and joint pain frequently, you might want to turn to a higher concentration of CBD because you need extra relief.

You may find that for everyday aches and pains, you don’t need as strong of a concentration to apply to your muscles or joints, and you would be fine using a lower concentration of CBD. It all depends on what you find works for you--and that can take a little experimentation! If you rub on a 500mg CBD cream to your knee and find that the pain just seems to keep coming back, you’ll probably want to up your CBD concentration level to a 1000mg or 1500mg to keep that inflammation and pain away. 

CBD creams all contain a certain concentration, whether or not you find relief depends on how your body reacts to CBD, and the intensity of your pain. 

Choosing the Right CBD Cream Strength

How to determine which CBD cream strength is right for you

hand gripping their leg calf while on a walk
It may take a little experimentation to determine what CBD cream concentration is right for you. Image courtesy of the Washingtonian.

As we mentioned, you have a variety of CBD cream concentrations to choose from, so how do you know what one is right for you? Well, that depends on how your body interacts with CBD, as well as what you’re looking to find relief from. We always recommend starting with a low concentration of a CBD cream--a good place to start is with a cream that contains 500mg per container. This is on the lower end of the strength spectrum and will allow you to experiment and see if it is enough for your pain, or if you need a little something more.

If you do need more, consider trying a 1000mg CBD cream, which will offer a higher concentration of CBD to help with your sore muscles and joints. If this seems to be enough, then congratulations, you’ve found your CBD cream strength! If it’s not, before moving up in strength, try reapplying to where you’re experiencing soreness or inflammation. Many people find that they need to reapply their CBD cream as they go about their day, so not to worry if this seems to be the case. 

Applying a 500mg CBD cream either once or a few times per day could be enough to help you find relief. If it is not, you can always try out higher concentrations, such as 1000mg or even 1500mg, which are typically for intense pain. That brings us to another factor to consider when looking for a CBD cream--what do you need it for?

  • To get relief from daily pain. If you’d like to use a CBD cream to help with daily pain, first determine how intense the pain is. This will help you decide where to start when first trying out a CBD cream. If you find that you’re experiencing pain on a daily (or almost daily) basis, you may want to start off with a concentration such as 500mg that can offer deep relief, but isn’t overdoing it. Starting with a 500mg CBD cream for sore muscles or joints that prevent you from enjoying your day could be just what you need. You can always work your way up to a 1000mg strength, which is a nice middle of the road concentration that could offer more relief than 500mg, but is not as high as 1500mg, which is for intense pain. 

If you find that your pain is a little more intense, we still recommend starting out with a 500mg CBD cream. After applying throughout the day you feel that you’re not getting relief from the pain, then you should try a higher concentration.

  • To help with pain so you can fall asleep. One reason many people struggle to sleep each night is that pain or aching muscles and joints are keeping them awake. If this sounds like your situation, give a CBD cream a try before bed. Just like with daytime aches, start off with a lower concentration and apply to your sore muscle or joint before bed. Once the CBD and other helpful ingredients are absorbed, hopefully you can fall asleep (and stay asleep) with less pain and inflammation.

When to Use a 500mg CBD Cream

How to know when to turn to a 500mg CBD cream

CBD deep relief cream container
Choose a 500mg CBD cream to help deal with consistently painful muscles or joints. Image courtesy of Seventh Sense.

If you’re interested in trying out a 500mg CBD cream, chances are you’re dealing with pain in some form or another. Whether it’s chronic pain that gets in the way of your day, or pain that’s keeping you from getting a good night’s rest. Turn to a 500mg CBD cream when you need relief from these kinds of aches, which might not be super intense, but are still painful enough to disrupt your routine. A CBD cream like Seventh Sense’s Deep Relief Cream with 500mg of CBD is a great option to help reduce this kind of pain. Made with 100% hemp-derived CBD, menthol, and arnica, this deep relief cream delivers cooling relief exactly where you need it. Apply to any sore muscle or joint and allow the cream to absorb. The CBD and other ingredients will work to bring soothing relief, so you can go about your day (or night) without pain. 

A 500mg CBD cream is designed to help you reduce inflammation and decrease pain in your muscles or joints. When you apply a CBD cream in this concentration you know that relief from pain and inflammation will be headed your way!