Five Reasons to Try a Lavender Sleep Spray

Five Reasons to Try a Lavender Sleep Spray

Lavender has become a staple in many people’s lives. One of its biggest benefits is its ability to induce a good, quality night's sleep with just a few whiffs. 

If you’ve been struggling to fall asleep, and feel wary of taking medicines that make you groggy the next day, then keep reading because we have four reasons to include a lavender sleep spray in your nighttime routine. 

The History of Lavender

lavender field
Lavender is an aromatic herb that has been grown throughout the world for centuries. 

The small purple herb is native to the mountainous regions along the western half of the Mediterrian Europe. The plant has twenty different species and hundreds of different “versions” with variations ranging from the way it grows to the chemical composition of essential oil. 

It’s an herb that has a historical background as well. It was used in Ancient Egypt as a perfume and incense ingredient and  among the Greeks and Romans as a part of herbal baths. 

It became a large part of medicine as well-- the plant has insecticidal properties that led to its use in sick rooms in castles as a disinfectant and deodorant. Lavender is also used in a cure-all medicinal oil, White Flower Oil, in China.

People throughout history have recognized the properties of lavender and used it for their benefit. With the lack of modern medicine during these times, people relied on lavender for its ability to help treat headaches, hysteria, toothaches, sore joints, coughs, digestive issues, and anxiety.  

More recently, lavender was used to disinfect wounds during wartime. Now, we see lavender throughout household products, beauty products, and even as an active ingredient in medicinal situations. 

Though lavender has been used throughout history in a variety of medicinal ways, it has come to be most prominently known to help aid in sleep. Here are a few reasons to use lavender in a spray to encourage a restful sleep.

Reason 1: Lavender’s has a Natural Ability to Relax the Body

woman laying on her back wearing a lavender jacket and white shirt
Instantly feel relaxed as the lavender soothes your senses to wind down the body at night. 

Lavender is ultimately known for its soothing abilities. This is important for sleep because the calming scent calms the nervous system by lowering heart rate, your skin temperature, and blood pressure. 

Reason 2: Aromatherapy Helps Encourage Sleep  

Aromatherapy is one of the most effective ways to experience the benefits of lavender. Studies show that when you smell something, the olfactory nerve sends a signal to the amygdala and limbic system which are the two areas of the brain that deal with memory and mood. Understanding this allows us to understand how lavender is able to be used in such a way to help relieve issues like stress, anxiety, help relax the body, and calm nerves to induce a good night’s sleep. 

Reason 3: Avoid Side Effects Caused by Sleeping Medications 

So, why lavender instead of that melatonin? Lavender is a natural herb, meaning it doesn’t contain any of those additives you see in sleeping aids that can result in next-day grogginess. Expect a clear head the next morning after using a lavender sleep spray and skip out on any possible side effects of a medicine.  

Reason 4: Lavender can be Used in Many Ways

There’s  increasing research being done into how lavender is beneficial to sleep and reduces stress and anxiety. But we also understand how there isn’t just one way that works best for everyone. 

When it comes to using lavender to help you sleep, it has been found these several techniques work best: 

  • A pillow/linen spray
  • Lavender oil as a diffuser
  • Adding a few drops to your bath 
  • Applying a few drops topically to pulse points- your neck, temples, behind the ears, and the crown of your head 
  • Use as a massage oil 

These methods are a great way to discover what works best for you! 

Reason 5: It’s Cheap!

Lavender is pretty easy to get your hands on at a low price. There are many ways to get your hands on it, whether it's buying the herb to make your own sleep concoction, or buying a product that is made of lavender, it’s never going to break the bank.  

Enjoy Aromatherapy with a Lavender Pillow Mist Spray

seventh sense dream mist spray
Lavender sleep spray is a great way to instantly relax the body at night for a peaceful sleep.  Image courtesy of Seventh Sense

Aromatherapy has noticeably become one of the most popular ways to experience the effects of lavender. That’s why we recommend using a pillow mist spray as a great way to experience everything lavender has to offer. 

Cheaper than a diffuser, and easier to use, a pillow/linen spray allows you to spray your bed sheets a few minutes before laying down to sleep to encourage the relaxing effects immediately. 

Consider using Seventh Sense’s Relaxing Pillow Mist Lavender. Working alongside chamomile and green tea, lavender is heightened in this pillow spray to encourage a deep relaxation and an indulgence in soothing fragrances to help calm the mind,  body, and soul. Just mist over pillows and linens prior to bed and allow yourself to relax into a state of restful sleep. 

Overall, there are many ways to use lavender in your everyday life. One of the most important ways to use this herb though is as a sleep aid. Using lavender, in particular a lavender sleep spray, will help you accomplish that night of sleep you’ve been hoping for.