How to Take CBD Oil for Maximum Benefits

How to Take CBD Oil for Maximum Benefits

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If you’re looking for a safe and natural way to help get relief from everyday muscle and joint pain, anxiousness, or even to get more restful sleep, you’ve probably come across CBD products. CBD oil can be found in products ranging from creams, balms, gummies, mints, tinctures, and even bath bombs--so how do you know what’s the best way for you to take it in order to get relief? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post we’re going to discuss:

  • Why CBD oil could be the answer you’re looking for
  • How to take CBD oil
  • What’s the best time to take CBD oil and is one method better than the other?

Why You Might Want to Take CBD Oil

More and more people are turning to CBD oil to find relief


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CBD oil is a great way to find relief from pain, anxiety, and restless sleep. Image courtesy of Analytical Cannabis

CBD is a naturally occurring plant compound derived from hemp plants that works with your body’s endocannabinoid system. It has continued to grow in popularity due to its ability to help with certain conditions, without the negative side effects of over the counter or prescription drugs. CBD is an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory, making it a great option if you’re looking for a way to help reduce painful muscles or joints. People who regularly use CBD oil also find that it can usher in a sense of calm, and can help them relax both their mind and their body. While there are a variety of reasons you might want to take CBD oil, many people find it helpful if they’re experiencing:

  • Muscle and joint pain. CBD oil can be taken as an ingestible or used as a topical in order to help alleviate painful muscles and joints. When used as a topical, it can target the painful and inflamed area to bring about relief. If you use an ingestible such as a tincture, the CBD has a chance to reach your bloodstream, giving you an all over feeling of relief from pain.
  • Anxiety or stress. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues, which means a lot of people are dealing with this condition on a daily basis. Using CBD oil can help you relax and destress your racing mind, and improve your overall well being.  
  • Restless sleep. Because CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system in a way that helps you calm down and relax, it can also be beneficial if you’re dealing with poor sleep. Taking CBD oil before bed might be a great way for you to signal to your mind and body that it’s time to slow down and prepare for a restful sleep.

CBD oil can help you find relief from a variety of issues, and can be administered by different methods and through a range of products. You can find CBD oil in various strengths, which depending on why you’re using it, will vary from person to person. 

How to Take CBD Oil

What’s the best way to take CBD oil?

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It’s easy to add CBD oil into your wellness routine. Image courtesy of Seventh Sense.

If you feel that adding a CBD oil product to your lifestyle is the right choice for you, you’re in luck, because there are all kinds of options out there! Here’s how you can choose to take CBD oil:

  1. Tinctures

Tinctures are one of the most popular ways to take CBD oil. They are fast-acting because they enter your bloodstream quickly through your mucous membranes. Simply place your desired dose under your tongue and hold it there for at least 30 seconds allowing the CBD oil to absorb. After this time period, you can swallow the tincture that remains. If you’d prefer to add your tincture to a beverage, that works too! Just put your dose into your water, tea, coffee, (or another beverage), drink it, and feel free to go about your day!

Tinctures can be found in all kinds of strengths, anywhere from 500mg to 2,000mg, so depending on what you’re using CBD for, you’ll want to find the appropriate strength for your situation. If you’re looking for a middle of the road strength CBD tincture, consider trying out Seventh Sense’s Bliss 1,000mg CBD Drops. Each bottle contains 1,000mg of CBD, which is 33mg of CBD per serving. Made from hemp-derived broad spectrum CBD, you can pick up this easy to use and fast-acting tincture in unflavored or with a crisp peppermint flavor. 

  1. Gummies and mints

Ingestibles like CBD gummies and mints are also a great way to include CBD oil into your routine. Gummies can come in a variety of flavors, and typically include 5-10mg of CBD oil per piece. Mints are usually flavored in spearmint or peppermint, and can also contain 5-10mg of CBD oil per mint--and can not only help you feel a little more relaxed, but can freshen your breath as well!

  1. Topicals such as a cream, lotion, or balm

You can also use CBD in oil in a topical that you apply to the muscle or joint that is giving you pain. These are especially helpful for inflamed muscles and joints because it allows you to target the area where you want to get relief. When you’re feeling discomfort, simply apply your CBD oil topical to the area and allow it to absorb into your skin. Depending on the strength of the CBD, you will start to notice a decrease in pain. Should the pain persist, feel free to reapply. 

  1. Bath bomb or bath salts 

Another form of CBD oil topicals are items designed to help you relax in the bath after a long day, or help wash away aches and pains. Taking a warm bath is already a wonderful way to calm your mind, but by adding a bath bomb or salts that include CBD oil, you add to the relaxing benefits. A good soak for sore muscles or joints that includes CBD oil is another way to help reduce everyday aches and pains. 

It’s important to note that everyone responds to CBD differently no matter how you decide to take it. An amount that works for one person might not work for you, so make sure to try out a couple of CBD oil options and decide which method works best for your lifestyle.

Is There a Best Time to Take CBD Oil?

How do you know when to take CBD oil?

three tincture bottles in a wooden bowl next to a candle and towels
Take CBD oil when it fits into your schedule and works for you. Image courtesy of Bailey Gillespie.

The best time to take CBD oil is when it works for you! If you’re interested in adding it into your wellness routine in order to keep pain at bay, find a more balanced state of mind, or be ready for anything on your schedule, you may find it best to take your CBD oil in the morning. That way, should you find that you need a boost later on in the afternoon, you can always take another dose.

However if you want to bring on a sense of calm and promote feelings of tranquility, perhaps taking CBD oil before bed is a better idea. If you’re looking to get better sleep, then you’ll definitely want to take your CBD oil before bed. This way, not only will you get more restful sleep, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

No matter which method of CBD oil consumption you choose, or when you decide to take it, we always recommend starting out low and going slow until you know how your body responds to CBD.

Is One Method Better Than Another When Taking CBD Oil?

What’s the best way to take CBD oil?

There is no “best way” to take CBD oil, it’s all about what works for your body and your routine, and what results you’re looking for. To find more calm and wind down out at night perhaps a CBD oil bath bomb is a good idea, or using a tincture before bed. If you need help managing pain, then a topical you can apply to the spot of your ache is a great way to find relief. And if it’s help with anxiety throughout the day that you need, you can’t beat the convenience of a gummy. It all depends on your situation.

There are a variety of ways to take CBD, and we recommend you try out a couple of methods and then decide which works best for you!