Want to Know if CBD Works for Muscle Spasms?

Want to Know if CBD Works for Muscle Spasms?

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When you have an active, healthy lifestyle, you can’t help but come across some aches and pains along the way. Whether you’re trying to reach a specific fitness goal, or just looking to keep active, everyone knows what it's like to overuse or strain a muscle at some point. While it can be painful at the time, there’s also the chance that it could develop into a muscle spasm later on. If this does happen, you’ll want something that can quickly and effectively ease this painful situation. Could that something be CBD? Let’s take a closer look at why CBD might be your new go-to option for relief from muscle spasms and examine:

  • What are muscle spasms and why do we get them?
  • How can CBD help with muscle spasms?
  • What kind of CBD works to alleviate muscle spasms?
  • Can CBD prevent muscle spasms?

What Are Muscle Spasms?

How to know whether or not you’ve had a muscle spasm

group of people running a marathon
When you have an active lifestyle, muscle spasms can be a painful part of your workout you would like to avoid. Image courtesy of Active.

Muscle spasms (also known as muscle cramps) are involuntary twitching or cramping of your muscles, that oftentimes are very difficult to relax. They are fairly common, and chances are you might have had one (or more!) already. You can have a muscle spasm almost anywhere, and sometimes entire muscle groupings are involved, other times, it’s just a single muscle that spasms. They do tend to be more common in the lower back, calf (charley horse), thighs, and arms, and can vary widely in intensity. Some muscle spasms are just a small twitch while others are a sharp pain that can wake you up in the middle of the night. The pain that comes with a muscle spasm can vary, and they can last for only a couple of seconds, or the muscle can stay tense for minutes.

Even if your muscle spasm isn’t very painful, it can still be noticeable and annoying. Your muscle may feel hard while it’s tensed up, making it uncomfortable to move it as you normally would. Perhaps the hardest part of dealing with muscle spasms is that you don’t know when they’re going to happen. That’s why it's helpful to keep in mind why they occur in the first place.

Why Do You Get Muscle Spasms?

There are a couple of different reasons why you might get muscle spasms

Muscle spasms can be painful, and they can occur for a variety of reasons. One of the major reasons people seek relief from muscle spasms is due to muscle overextension or muscle fatigue. Sometimes we all take our exercise a little over our limit, and can face the consequences with sore muscles and spasms. They can also be the result of going through an intense workout with insufficient stretching, and not allowing for a proper warm up before getting into physical exercise, both of which are crucial! 

Muscle spasms can also occur when your body is dehydrated and not receiving enough water and other nutrients to keep it in top form. After a workout with inadequate stretching, no warm up or cool down, or lack of hydration are all common causes for muscle cramps. 

How Can CBD Help with Muscle Spasms?

Is there a way to treat muscle spasms with CBD when they develop?

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Muscle spasms can be painful, but luckily CBD may be able to help you relax them and restore your muscle back to normal. Image courtesy of Mental Floss.

Muscle spasms are bound to happen at one time or another, so it’s best to be prepared with something that can help calm and soothe the muscle when you need it most. CBD oil or CBD infused topicals could be just what you’re looking for in order to calm and soothe the spasming muscle. CBD works with your endocannabinoid system for muscle spasms and targets specific receptors to alter the way that your body communicates with the problematic muscle. This makes it a great alternative to synthetic muscle relaxers, since you can use it as you need it to work with your body to relax and soothe the problem muscle. No matter what form you decide to take CBD as, it will still be able to target the area and bring you the relief you need.

Since CBD also works as an anti-inflammatory agent, the muscle experiencing the spasms will also be relieved of the irritation caused by the involuntary twitches. CBD can work to soothe and calm the muscle spasm, allowing you to get back to normal and on with the rest of your day (or night). 

What Form of CBD Works for Muscle Spasms?

Is one type of CBD better for treating muscle spasms over another?

Choosing to use CBD to help with muscle spasms is a good option, especially if you’re not interested in taking an over the counter medication each time you get a cramp. But how do you decide between one form or the other when it comes to getting relief from muscle spasms? You have options when it comes to using CBD, so make sure you choose whichever will work with your lifestyle best, and that brings you the relief you’re looking for.

  • CBD Muscle Balm or Cream. One of the easiest ways to get the CBD right to the muscle spasm area is with a CBD muscle balm or cream. Seventh Sense’s CBD Intensive Muscle Balm offers 1,000mg of hemp-derived CBD along with arnica, menthol, and wintergreen essential oils to help calm the muscle and restore it back to its natural state. Since you can apply it directly to the problem, it can work quickly to relieve the twitching muscle. If you happen to have a stubborn twitching muscle, not to worry, simply reapply the balm as you need it to get relief.
  • CBD Serum. If you’re experiencing muscle spasms hours after an intense workout and need relief, consider using a fast-acting deep relief CBD serum. Just roll on anywhere and allow it to deeply penetrate and help irritated muscles.
  • CBD Edibles. Edibles infused with CBD are another choice if you find you need relief from muscle spasms. Depending on the amount of CBD in the edible, you can expect the relief that comes from this type of CBD to last a little longer. This is due to the fact that edibles must first go through the digestive system before they can get to work alleviating your muscle cramp.
  • CBD Drops. A popular way to get CBD into the bloodstream is with sublingual drops, which you can administer under your tongue. Once the CBD enters your bloodstream, you can expect cramping muscles to become calm and soothed, and giving you relief from painful spasms.

The CBD form you choose is entirely up to you and what works best with your lifestyle. What’s important is that you get relief from muscle spasms, allowing you to move on and get back to your day.

deep relief cream balm
A CBD muscle balm might be exactly what you need in order to calm muscles affected by spasming.

Can CBD Prevent Muscle Spasms?

Is there a way for CBD to prevent future muscle spasms?

While no one knows exactly when muscle spasms can occur, there are some things you can do to prevent them in the future. The first is to ensure you’re stretching regularly before any workout, and that you give yourself time to warm your muscles up. If you have any problem spots, make sure to give those muscles a little extra attention to ensure they’re stretched. It’s important to ensure your muscles are flexible and ready for a workout session. As always, make sure you stay hydrated before, during, and after your workout in order to prevent cramping and muscle spasms later on. 

Using CBD will not prevent muscle spasms from happening, but it can work to give you relief when they do happen!

CBD works to alleviate muscle spasms because it can work within your body to target and eliminate the pain and inflammation that come with these types of cramps. No matter whether you decide to use a balm, a serum, edible, or drops, if you find yourself experiencing muscle cramps, turn to CBD to get your muscles back to feeling great.