Want to Know More About CBD Deep Relief Cream?

Want to Know More About CBD Deep Relief Cream?

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about CBD deep relief cream, and why it’s definitely something you should add to your wellness routine

We all experience aches and pains sometimes--whether it’s from arthritis, pushing too hard in your workout, or hiking that extra trail. Unfortunately, soreness can come with the territory of an active lifestyle and the pursuit of your fitness goals. While you can’t expect to completely be rid of muscle and joint aches, you can do something to soothe them. That’s where deep relief cream comes in, and in this article we’re going to explore:

  • What is deep relief cream?
  • How does CBD play a role in deep relief cream?
  • Why choose Seventh Sense’s CBD deep relief cream?


What is a CBD Deep Relief Cream?

Bring a soothing sensation just where you need it most

You’re probably already aware that our skin is our largest organ, and caring for it is essential to maintaining healthy, hydrated skin. We all know the feeling of broken, dry skin--and how good it feels once we apply a balm or a moisturizer. Your skin’s first layer (the epidermis) absorbs these creams leaving you with smoother, hydrated skin. But what if you don’t need a moisturizer, but relief from aches and pains? Deep relief creams rely on the ability of the skin to absorb and pairs it with ingredients that are known to have anti-inflammatory properties. So when you apply a relief cream, no matter if it’s on your arm, leg, knee, or ankle, that targeted spot gets a dose of relief. 

There are many natural ingredients that can help reduce the pain of muscles and joints, but one ingredient stands out when it comes to deep relief creams, and that’s CBD. Creams that use CBD have a variety of different benefits, which includes providing relief from muscle and joint pain. When joined with other anti-inflammatory ingredients, CBD deep relief creams can target the area that aches, and give your muscles and joints a way to unwind. 

But why would you want to infuse CBD into a deep relief cream? Well, there are many benefits to adding this non-intoxicating cannabinoid to a relief cream, including the fact that some studies have shown that it can help with inflammation by targeting the cells that drive it. When you apply this as a cream, you can target where the CBD goes, and just how much you use. The CBD binds to receptors allowing you to feel soothed, exactly where you need it. While there are many ways to get sore muscles and joints, perhaps having a CBD deep relief cream in your cabinet is the right way to keep them in check.


Everything You Need to Know About CBD Deep Relief Cream

All your questions answered about deep relief creams and if they’re the right choice for you!

How does deep relief cream work? 

As we mentioned above, deep relief creams are designed to be applied to an area of your skin where you’re experiencing pain. Whether that’s muscle pain or joint soreness, a deep relief cream can easily be applied to both. A deep relief cream is typically made to be fast-absorbing, and can include moisturizers in addition to their anti-inflammatory ingredients. Once your skin has absorbed the cream, it can get to work helping to relieve your sore muscles or joints. They’re easy to apply and because they’re a cream, you can target only the areas that are giving you trouble.

What do you use deep relief cream for, and when is the best time to use deep relief cream?

Typically you use a topical like a CBD deep relief cream to help with pain that can come from arthritic joints. Taking advantage of how CBD can target and relieve the cells responsible for the inflammation, you may start to notice less pain or swelling in the joints where the deep relief cream was applied. You can also use a CBD deep relief cream on sore muscles that have been overexerted due to an intense workout or a lot of activity. 

The best time to use this type of relief cream is whenever you feel soreness in your muscles or joints. If your muscles or joints are bothering you post-workout, then make sure to rub it into anywhere that’s giving you an issue. If your pain is due to arthritis or inflammation in your joints, you can use a deep relief cream as needed in order to get that pain to lessen.

How do you use deep relief cream?

It is very easy to use a CBD deep relief cream! All you need to do is choose the intensity (how much CBD is included) and if there is a scent or aroma that you prefer over another. CBD deep relief creams come in different levels of intensity, some are for low levels of pain, while others are for more intense pain. Depending on what you need deep relief cream for will determine the strength you choose. 

Deep relief creams also can come in a variety of scents, which are meant to enhance your experience, but they can also come in unscented as well. Then, all that’s left to do is to apply it where you’re feeling pain, and allow it to absorb fully into your skin. CBD deep relief creams can be used on muscles or joints--anywhere you need a little extra relief. 

How much deep relief cream do you use?

There are many different reasons you might want to use a CBD deep relief cream. It could be because you’re working on reaching a fitness goal, and are experiencing sore muscles as a result of your activities. You could also have chronic joint pain due to arthritis and are looking for a little relief in your joints. Whatever you’re using deep relief cream for will determine how much of it you use. Just need to target your calf after the treadmill? Use enough to cover the area giving you pain. You may or may not need to apply again to reach the desired effect.

Want your knee to feel good all day long? Rub a deep relief cream all over and repeat as necessary--depending on what your day has in store for you. Deep relief creams are incredibly convenient, you use them when you need them.

When will I feel the results/benefits of a deep relief cream?

Everyone’s body responds differently and is dealing with various levels and causes of muscle and joint soreness. So your journey to muscle and joint relief might be different than someone else’s, and that’s okay! If you have a sore muscle as a result of overexerting it, and you apply the deep relief cream, you can expect to feel the cream working in a couple of minutes as it’s absorbed through your skin. If you’re seeking help with a joint, you may need to wait a little longer and apply a couple of coats in order to get the relief you seek. This depends on the level of pain you’re experiencing and the strength of your CBD deep relief cream. 

Is a CBD deep relief cream safe/effective?

Yes! CBD deep relief is safe to use externally on your skin and is designed to benefit sore muscles and joints. Studies have shown that CBD is safe to use both internally and externally, and is well tolerated. Just apply the cream anywhere you need a little extra relief, and wait to feel the soothing effects, that’s all you need to do!

Are there side effects to deep relief cream?

Each CBD deep relief cream is made with different ingredients, so make sure to read the label before you purchase. As we previously mentioned, CBD-infused creams are considered safe to use.

What’s the shelf life of a deep relief cream?

Although each cream should list its expiration date, you can expect CBD topicals such as deep relief cream to last for two years. 


Seventh Sense CBD Deep Relief Cream

What’s the best choice when it comes to a CBD deep relief cream?

A jar of eucalyptus spearmint scented CBD Hyper Strength Deep Relief Cream from Seventh Sense.
Image courtesy of Seventh Sense.


There are a lot of CBD creams on the market, but if you’re looking for one that can help muscles and joints feel their best, you’re going to want to go with Seventh Sense Deep Relief Cream. These creams are made with all-natural ingredients designed to bring deep relief, such as 100% hemp-derived CBD, methol (for a cooling effect), and arnica (for its anti-inflammatory properties). The cream is easy to apply anywhere you feel an ache, is non-greasy, and made to absorb quickly into the skin. 

Seventh Sense’s CBD comes from certified processors in the U.S., so they know exactly what’s going into this deep relief cream. It is then purified into a concentrate that is 99+% CBD isolate, with no THC. Then after being tested and approved by third party experts, it is included in the deep relief cream. 

These creams are also toxin and paraben-free, as well as cruelty-free, ensuring that only pure, top-notch ingredients are used for each soothing scent. That’s right, this cream comes in three soft scents, and one unscented.

Once you choose which scent works for you, it’s time to decide on a strength level:


Deep relief creams are a convenient way to help relax and restore sore or aching muscles and joints. They’re easy to apply and anyone who needs a little relief can use them. Seventh Sense all-natural creams come in an array of delightful scents to choose from, as well as a strength level that’s sure to banish that pain away. If you’re looking for a top-shelf CBD product with only the best ingredients, consider picking up one of these creams today!