Why (and How) to Incorporate a CBD Bath Bomb into Your Self Care Routine

Why (and How) to Incorporate a CBD Bath Bomb into Your Self Care Routine

f you’re like most people, you may not be taking enough time for self care. While our daily lives can get busy, it’s important to our health to make sure we’re taking enough time to reset, so that we can start each day off on the right foot. Self care can mean something different to each person, for some it might be taking time to enjoy a hobby, getting in a quick nap, or enjoying the benefits of a warm bath--all of which can help us better manage the stress of daily life. If you find that taking the time to soak in the bath really helps you relax, you’ve probably already heard of (and perhaps used!) bath bombs. These fizzy bath accompaniments are a popular way to add a little something extra to your self care routine. 

But did you know that bath bombs can also be infused with CBD? That’s right, which is why in this article, we’re going to discuss how you can include these fun and beneficial additions to your self care routine. We’re going to explore:

  • What is a CBD bath bomb
  • Why you should incorporate it into your self care routine
  • How you can get the most benefits out of your CBD bath bomb
  • Our recommended favorite CBD bath bomb

What is a CBD Bath Bomb?

Why infuse a bath bomb with CBD?

white bath bomb laying on a towel with leaves around it
Bath bombs are already a great addition to the bath, but when you add CBD to them, they get even better!

If you’re a fan of bath bombs, chances are you enjoy the fizz and aroma that enhance your self care time. Bath bombs can be made with all kinds of essential oils including lavender, citrus, and even oatmeal, and can also change the color of your bath water. This is why bath bombs are so popular for self care--they are made from ingredients designed to soothe your skin and help you relax after a long day. So, why add CBD to bath bombs? 

CBD is a natural cannabinoid found in hemp plants, and it is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. This makes it the go-to natural way to help with sore muscles and joints because it provides relief where over the counter or prescription painkillers seem to fall short. This is because CBD works with your body’s endocannabinoid system to target and reduce inflammation and pain sensations. One of the most popular ways to use CBD is topically, as a lotion, cream, roll on, or balm. When you use a topical that has been infused with CBD, you can target exactly where you need the relief, whether you have a sore knee, or have an aching back. CBD oil can also be infused into bath topicals, such as a bath bomb or bath salts. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD not only work to relieve sore muscles and joints, but it can also target skin inflammation and the irritation it can cause. 

In addition to soothing the skin, muscles, and joints, CBD can also help usher in a sense of calm when you inhale the aroma from your bath bomb. CBD not only works to help relieve soreness, but it can help relax a busy mind, and allow you to let go of the stress of the day.

As we mentioned earlier, CBD bath bombs not only contain the helpful properties of CBD, but they also include essential oils that are ideal for a relaxing soak. CBD bath bombs can help your body feel better, but they will help rejuvenate your mind as well--making it ideal for some much-needed self care!

Why You Should Incorporate a CBD Bath Bomb into Your Self Care Routine

What are the benefits of including a CBD bath bomb in your regimen? 

woman relaxing in bath tub
Take a little time out for you, and enjoy a soak in the tub with a CBD bath bomb. Image courtesy of News Chain.

Including a CBD bath bomb into your self care routine is a great idea. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you regularly indulge in this practice:

  • Get relief from inflammation and pain. Using a bath bomb infused with CBD is a great way to soothe inflamed muscles and joints. Whether you soak in the tub to alleviate post-workout aches, or you’re looking for relief from more chronic pain, nothing beats the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. 
  • Feel more relaxed. After you put your bath bomb into the tub and allow it to fizz, you’ll immediately notice the amazing aroma. Whether it’s lavender or citrus (or any scent in between!) you can rest assured that the essential oils and CBD oil are working to help you find a little relaxation. After all, this is one of the major reasons people choose to take a bath. Allow the wonderful scents to calm your mind as you enjoy a little time out for self care and take a break from the stress of the day.
  • Get glowing skin. CBD can also help your skin, and it doesn’t just have to be a part of your facial skin routine. The CBD oil infused in the bath bomb can work to reduce any skin inflammation you might have, leaving you with softer, more supple skin. Allow the warm bath water to open your pores so the CBD oil can give your skin a little extra TLC. For the ultimate in CBD skincare, make sure to apply CBD infused moisturizer after you’re through with your bath. 
  • Enjoy some “you” time. It’s hard to carve out time for ourselves, but it is absolutely something we should all do. Take a little time to slow down, pour a bath, and enjoy the benefits of a CBD bath bomb. Your skin and joints will not only feel better afterwards, but you may also find yourself more relaxed and in a better mood. 

CBD bath bombs are a fantastic addition to your self care routine. Why not try and use them at least once a week and indulge in your own self care Sunday (or anyday)? Your body and your mind will thank you.

How to Use a CBD Bath Bomb for Self Care

The best way to use a CBD bath bomb

packaged eucalyptus spearmint bath bomb
Regularly enjoying a bath with CBD bath bombs can have benefits to both your mind and your body. Image courtesy of Seventh Sense.

There are many benefits to including a CBD bath bomb into your self care routine, but what’s the best way to do it? As we mentioned earlier, maybe pick a day out of the week where you set aside some time to enjoy some self care. This can be on a weekend or on a weeknight after work, whatever fits best with your schedule! Then make sure you turn off distractions such as phones, and let family know you’re taking some time for a bath. Then, all you have to do is fill your bathtub up with warm water, drop the bath bomb in, and allow it to do its thing. You can either step into the bath while it’s fizzing, or wait for the fizzing to end and then step in. Then just sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing effects of the CBD and essential oils! 

No matter what day of the week you enjoy a little self care, if you’re looking for a bath bomb to help you relax and destress, consider picking up Seventh Sense’s Bath Bomb in Eucalyptus Spearmint. This bath bomb is made with 100mg of hemp-derived CBD and sunflower seed oil to soothe the skin and help you relax. Allow the wonderful aroma and nourishing ingredients help you make the most out of your self care time!

CBD bath bombs are an excellent choice, and can benefit both your mind and your body. Take some time out for a little self care, and with the help of CBD, you’ll be more relaxed and ready to go!