Your CBD Hand Cream Guide for 2021 April 13, 2021

Your CBD Hand Cream Guide for 2021 April 13, 2021

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Everyone knows how uncomfortable dry, itchy hands can feel. The cracked skin, redness, and soreness are something no one should have to deal with! There are times (especially when it’s cold outside) that it seems no matter how much moisturizer you use, it still doesn’t make your hands feel any better. If this sounds like you, perhaps it’s time to switch up your hand cream! What about using a hand cream with CBD in it?

If you’ve heard about CBD hand creams, but aren’t sure if they’re for you, you’re in luck because this CBD hand cream guide is going to answer all your questions including:

  • What is CBD hand cream?
  • How is a CBD hand cream different from other topicals?
  • When do you use a CBD hand cream and how much do you use?
  • Our recommended CBD hand cream

What is a CBD Hand Cream?

Why add CBD to a hand cream?

person applying hand cream onto the back of their hand
CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a great addition to a hand cream. Image courtesy of NBC News.

When your hands are dry and feeling sore, your first instinct might be to turn to a hand cream. Afterall, most hand creams are deliberately designed to be thicker and more emollient so that they absorb into the skin of your hands quickly. Throughout the course of the day, we can really put our hands through a lot. You might wash your hands several times a day--exposing them to hot water and soap--use hand sanitizer, not to mention exposure to the elements outside. Although you can experience dry, cracked skin on your hands at any time of year, it seems to be at its worst during the cold weather. This is when you might reach for your hand cream, but find that it just isn’t doing the job. Why not try a CBD hand cream instead?

CBD is a naturally occurring compound in the hemp plant, known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. When you add CBD oil to a hand cream, not only are you getting the moisturizing benefits from the cream, but you’re adding on another layer of help from the CBD. Hand cream that is infused with CBD can be applied to your hands in order to reduce the inflammation, soothe the dryness, and promote the hydration of the skin of your hands. 

If you experience soreness from dry, itchy hands, a CBD hand cream can also work with your body’s endocannabinoid system to reduce the amount of pain you’re feeling. Using a CBD hand cream can both hydrate the skin of your hands, and ease the soreness you may feel from dry skin.

How is a CBD Hand Cream Different from Other Topicals?

Why should you use a CBD hand cream over another topical?

person's hands about to rub in hand cream on the back of their hand
A CBD hand cream is a great way to keep your hands hydrated and feeling good. Image courtesy of The Guardian.

Hand creams are specifically designed to be used on your hands, which is what sets it apart from other topicals. As a result, hand creams may be thicker and absorb faster so you can apply them and then go about your day. A CBD hand cream is also designed specifically to help with dry skin on your hands, and keep your hands moisturized throughout the day. A CBD hand cream might contain ingredients such as shea butter (which is very hydrating) or petroleum to help lock in moisture, in addition to soothing essential oils to help nourish the skin of your hands. The CBD in the cream will work to reduce an inflammation or soreness that can come from dry hands.

Just as you wouldn’t necessarily put a hand cream on your facial skin, the same goes for a hand cream with CBD. There are all kinds of products with CBD that are designed to be used on your hands, feet, face, and body because those areas have different moisturizing needs. You can get the maximum benefit from each topical by using it on the area it was designed for.

When Do You Use a CBD Hand Cream?

What’s the best time to use a CBD hand cream?

Adding a CBD hand cream to your daily routine is a great way to stay ahead of having dry skin on your hands. We recommend using a CBD hand cream anytime you’re experiencing dry, itchy, or red hands that make going about your day uncomfortable, or have soreness that’s associated with lack of moisture in the skin of your hands.

As you go about your day, try to use a CBD hand cream:

  • As part of your morning routine. A great time to apply a CBD hand cream is in the morning, so you can get your hands hydrated earlier. Just as you apply your facial cream after a shower, this might also be a great time to apply your CBD hand cream as well.
  • After washing your hands. We wash our hands and use hand sanitizer throughout the day, which can really dry out our hands! Try to use your CBD hand cream after each wash, so that your hands can get back to feeling their best in no time. 
  • Anytime you feel that your skin needs an extra hydration boost. Sometimes factors that are out of our control (the weather!) can affect the moisture level of the skin of our hands. Use a CBD hand cream whenever it feels like your skin could use a little extra hydration.
  • When your hands feel sore from dryness. Soreness can sometimes be another symptom of dry skin on your hands. When your hands feel achy, consider using a CBD hand cream to fight the dryness as well as the soreness you might be experiencing. 
  • Before bed at night. Adding a hydrating CBD hand cream to your nighttime routine is a great way to help prevent dry hands in the future. Apply right before bed and allow the CBD hand cream to soothe and moisturize your skin throughout the night. 

Using a CBD hand cream is not only a convenient way to ease the dry skin you have, but hopefully prevent it from occurring in the future.  

How Much CBD Hand Cream Should You Use?

What’s the right amount to apply?

When you’re moisturizing your hands with a CBD hand cream, make sure you use enough to easily cover the skin of your hands. You don’t want to apply too much and have it falling off, but you also don’t want to apply too little and leave areas of your hands untouched. Rubbing in CBD hand cream is also a nice way to give yourself a hand massage while you’re at it! 

Once all areas in need of hydration have been covered, allow the cream to absorb into your skin. Since we’re constantly using our hands, you may find that in order to stay moisturized, you may need to reapply your cream throughout the day. 

Our Recommended CBD Hand Cream

Pick up this moisturizing hand cream

bottle of cbd hand cream
A nourishing CBD hand cream designed to help moisturize the skin of your hands. Image courtesy of Seventh Sense.

If you’re in need of serious hydration for your hands, you’ll want to try Seventh Sense’s CBD Healing Hand Cream. Made with 250mg of hemp-derived CBD, hydrating shea butter, arnica to help reduce inflammation, ginger, and peppermint to soothe skin. Simply apply this hand cream anytime you need to nourish the skin of your hands, and allow it to absorb. You’re going to love how soft your hands feel after using this cream! However, feel free to reapply should you find that your hands need additional moisturizing throughout your day.

A CBD hand cream is a great option when nothing else seems to hydrate dry, sore hands. Help your hands look and feel their best with the help of a CBD hand cream!