Your Guide to CBD for Joint Pain

Your Guide to CBD for Joint Pain

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Pain is something a lot of people experience. Whether it’s from an injury, an intense workout, or a chronic condition, you shouldn’t have to deal with uncomfortable amounts of joint pain on a daily basis. Chances are you’ve probably tried a lot of products to help get some relief from the pain, but they may not have worked as well as you were hoping. Joint pain can be especially hard to relieve, and this kind of pain can certainly keep you from going about your daily routine.

Perhaps you’ve already heard about CBD, but were curious to know if it can help with your joint pain. If so, keep reading because we’re going to discuss:

  • How CBD can help with joint pain
  • Ways to use CBD for joint pain
  • When to take CBD for joint pain
  • Our top recommended CBD product for joint pain

How Does CBD Help with Joint Pain?

The natural way to get relief from joint pain 

hands holding knuckles in pain
CBD can be used to help you get much-needed relief from joint pain. Image courtesy of Healthgrades.

CBD is a compound that naturally occurs in the hemp plant that has been found to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It is a safe alternative to over the counter and prescription painkillers that can have unwanted side effects. But how does it help out with joint pain? When either ingested or used as a topical, CBD works with your body’s own endocannabinoid system to help decrease inflammation and alter the way in which pain signals are interpreted by the nervous system. It does this by working with receptors at the site of the pain (when you use a CBD topical on your knee or shoulder) and throughout the body (when you take an ingestible such as a tincture). 

Since a lot of the time joint pain is the result of inflammation--especially in cases such as arthritis--using CBD to trigger a calming response to that pain will allow you to find some relief. CBD is safe to use on your joints, and can be the more natural solution to pain that you’ve been seeking. Now let’s go into a little more detail into how you can use CBD for joint pain and make it a part of your daily wellness routine. 

What Are the Best Ways to Use CBD for Joint Pain?

CBD for joint pain: consumption methods 

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There are two main ways to include CBD in your routine, either as an ingestible or a topical. Image courtesy of iMed Regeneration Center. 

If you’re interested in taking CBD for joint pain, you have some different options available to you when it comes to how you consume it. 


You’ve probably heard about how CBD topicals can help with pain. This option includes lotions, creams, salves, serums, as well as facial oils and roll ons. These products are designed to be applied directly to the joint that is giving you pain. Depending on the brand, there are a variety of different strengths of CBD included in each topical as well. That way, you can choose the strength of the CBD that you apply, depending on the level of pain you’re dealing with. If you have a sore shoulder or back that bothers you each day, you may want to use a product that contains a higher amount of CBD (such as 500-1000mg of CBD), since this is a pain you’ll need to treat frequently. 

In addition to CBD, many topicals also contain products that are designed to soothe and cool the skin as the CBD goes to work. Typically you’ll see ingredients such as menthol and arnica in CBD topicals because they usher in a feeling of cooling relief, and have anti-inflammatory properties of their own. 

No matter which type of topical you choose, you will apply them in a similar manner. Simply spread the product over the painful joint and allow it to absorb into the skin. Depending on the ingredients of the topical, you may feel sensations of cooling relief throughout the joint. If you find that you’re not getting the relief you need, topicals can always be reapplied.


Another way you can get relief from sore joints with the help of CBD is by using an ingestible, such as a gummy, mint, oil, or tincture. Instead of targeting endocannabinoid receptors at the site of your joint pain like a CBD topical, when you take an ingestible, you’re allowing CBD to work with your body’s endocannabinoid system to bring you relief from pain from the inside out. If you choose to take a gummy or a mint, the CBD will first have to travel through the digestive system before it can reach your bloodstream. It may take a little longer to feel the benefits, but they may last longer than other methods.

When you take a tincture or oil, you administer them sublingually so that they are immediately absorbed through the mucous membranes. When you take CBD this way, you’ll feel the effects of the CBD very quickly since it is able to enter your bloodstream almost immediately. 

No matter which method of consumption you choose to use for your joint pain (even if you mix and match!) CBD is a safe and easy way to find the relief you’ve been looking for. 

When Can You Take CBD for Joint Pain?

What’s the best time to take CBD?

It’s easy to make CBD a part of your lifestyle. If you prefer to use it each day since you’re dealing with pain on a daily basis, that’s great! Many people choose to take it first thing in the morning so that they can experience relief throughout the day, and reapply if necessary. Whether you choose to use an ingestible or topical, you can feel comfortable knowing that CBD is safe for everyday use. You can also choose to use CBD when you need it, whether that’s first thing in the morning, or last thing at night before bed. It all depends on when you’re experiencing pain. If your joint pain seems to come and go, you might be better off using CBD whenever the pain sets in. 

Can You Take Too Much CBD for Joint Pain?

How do you know how much to use, and can you take too much?

Because CBD reacts with everyone’s body differently, it may take some time and patience to find what amount and what strength of CBD works best with your joint pain. We recommend always starting with a low dose or one topical application, and gradually increasing this until you find you’re getting the relief you need. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has deemed CBD as safe, with no major side effects, and no risk of dependency. This is especially good to know if you feel like you’ll need to take CBD on a daily basis!

Our Top Recommended CBD for Joint Pain

A great CBD topical for joint pain

cbd deep relief serum
Get targeted joint pain relief from this deep relief serum. Image courtesy of Seventh Sense.

Whether you have chronic joint pain, or experience painful joint flare ups, you want something strong that can make the pain go away. Seventh Sense’s CBD Deep Relief Serum Roller could be just the product to bring you soothing relief. Made with 500mg of hemp-derived CBD, menthol for cooling, and arnica to help with inflammation, this roll on can help to decrease soreness in even your most painful joints. Roll this serum on anywhere you have pain and allow it to absorb into the skin. Feel free to reapply throughout the day if you find that your pain returns.

CBD is a great all-natural way to deliver serious relief to your painful joints. Don’t fight through the pain any longer and allow CBD to decrease joint pain and soreness.