Your Guide to CBD Moisturizers & Skin Hydration

Your Guide to CBD Moisturizers & Skin Hydration

You may already be aware of how CBD products can help with pain, anxiety, and sleep issues, but did you know that they can also hydrate your skin? That’s right, you can find CBD in all kinds of beauty products, from lotions, feet and hand creams, to serums. Although it might not be the first product you think of when you hear CBD, a CBD moisturizer could be a welcome addition to your daily skin hydrating routine. If you’d like to learn a little more about CBD moisturizers and how they can help with your skin, keep reading because we’re going to talk about:

  • What CBD moisturizers are and how they hydrate your skin
  • What kinds of moisturizers are out there
  • Our recommended CBD moisturizer

What Are CBD Moisturizers?

Taking skin care to the next level

person's hands applying moisturizer onto their finger
The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD make them a fantastic addition to moisturizers. Image courtesy of Stryx.

Moisturizers are a great way to ensure that your skin is staying hydrated in order to look and feel its best. Although every brand is different, typically moisturizers can come with ingredients like glycerin, shea butter, and petrolatum that keep skin hydrated and prevent water from evaporating. They might also include essential oils known for their amazing aromas and ability to keep skin looking fresh. But what happens when you add CBD to a moisturizer? 

As you might already know, CBD is a naturally occurring non-intoxicating plant compound found in hemp that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It can be found in topicals, ingestibles, and tinctures and can be used to help decrease inflammation and the pain often associated with it. When you add CBD to a moisturizer, because of it’s an anti-inflammatory effects, it can really help with skin issues such as acne, redness (inflammation) and dryness. Some studies even indicate that a CBD moisturizer is also a good addition to your skincare routine if you have eczema or psoriasis. 

Just like other CBD products, you can choose a moisturizer that is full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate, as well as the strength. Depending on what your skin’s needs are, you might want a lower or higher concentration in your CBD product. 

CBD moisturizers aren’t limited to your facial skin either! There are all kinds of great body moisturizers as well as specifically targeted moisturizers for the skin of your feet and hands. 

How Do CBD Moisturizers Hydrate Your Skin?

CBD moisturizers leave your skin feeling smooth and fresh

silhouette of a women applying moisturizer to her face while holding the bottle
CBD moisturizers are easy to incorporate into your daily skincare routine. Image courtesy of Allure.

Regular moisturizers work to either keep moisture in your skin and prevent it from escaping, or they try to restore the moisture that has already been depleted. Using a moisturizer preventively can help keep your skin moisturized and smooth, which anyone who has had dry skin can attest to. A CBD moisturizer works to hydrate your skin in a very similar way, but with the added bonus of having CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties included as well. 

When you use a CBD moisturizer, your skin not only looks good, but you’re also helping it feel its best. Sometimes our age, environment, sun damage, and lifestyle can make an impact on our skin. With a CBD moisturizer, you can fight back against those wrinkles and blemishes to reveal the kind of skin you’ve always wanted.

In addition to CBD, many moisturizers include ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E, and chamomile to help nourish, calm, and hydrate the skin. These ingredients not only make the moisturizers smell amazing, but you can really start to feel the difference once you consistently start using a CBD moisturizer. 

Getting and maintaining hydrated skin takes consistency, so make sure you include your CBD moisturizer in your daily skincare routine both morning and night. If the weather starts to get drier, or colder, you may find that you need additional applications to keep your skin feeling fresh. Making a CBD moisturizer a part of your regimen is a great way to ensure your skin is free of inflammation, hydrated, and looking its best. 

What Kinds of CBD Moisturizers Are There?

There’s a CBD moisturizer for all your needs

person's finger in a container of moisturizer
You can use a CBD moisturizer anywhere from your head down to your toes. Image courtesy of Insider.

Although you may think that CBD moisturizers are just for your face, that’s not true! You can find CBD moisturizers designed for other areas, including:

  • Body moisturizers. These are the kind of creams and lotions that you can apply anywhere from your head to your toes. Designed to go on smoothly without that greasy feeling, these CBD moisturizers are great to apply after stepping out of the shower, or when you just want to show your limbs a little extra TLC. While you could also apply body moisturizers to your facial skin, we recommend instead investing in a CBD moisturizer designed for the delicate skin of your face.
  • Feet and hand moisturizers. We’ve all experienced the dry, cracked skin that happens to our hands and feet. Cold weather and dry conditions can really do a number on your skin. Using a CBD moisturizer designed for the skin of your hands and feet is such a simple and effective way to get moisture and hydration to these areas. No one wants to deal with painful, dry skin so keep it at bay with a CBD feet or hand moisturizer.

There are additional kinds of CBD facial moisturizers as well such as:

  • Facial oils. This kind of moisturizer is designed to be used on your face and neck, but it is a little different from a CBD lotion or cream. CBD facial oils can be applied directly to your face and are absorbed quickly. You can either apply them alone, or put your CBD moisturizer on top of it for a luxurious skincare routine. 

Instead of just using regular moisturizers, why not step up your total body skincare routine by incorporating CBD moisturizers? Regardless if you choose a CBD body moisturizer, or one for your face, your skin will not only be hydrated, but you may notice a reduction in skin inflammation as well--and you can thank the CBD for that!

Our Recommended CBD Moisturizer

Pick up this hydrating CBD moisturizer to incorporate into your daily routine

bottle of morning dew moisturizer
Get wonderful glowing skin with this CBD moisturizer. Image courtesy of Seventh Sense.

If you really want to notice a difference in your skin and get that glow, then you’ll definitely want to try out Seventh Sense’s Morning Dew CBD Daily Moisturizer. This light and translucent facial moisturizer has been crafted with 200mg of hemp-derived CBD, chamomile and ginger essential oils, and vitamin E to leave skin smooth and and soft. These ingredients are designed to reduce inflammation, heal, nourish, and soften the skin. Simply apply this moisturizer after your cleansing routine and notice how quickly it is absorbed into the skin. After you’ve incorporated this into your facial routine, you’ll start to notice how hydrated and healthy your skin looks, and wonder how you had gone so long without it. And did we mention it comes in a wonderful chamomile green tea scent sure to please? You’ll be reaching for this moisturizer both day and night!

CBD moisturizers can really help take your skincare to the next level. Their anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties make them an essential part of maintaining the health of your skin.